Aerolase Neo Elite for Acne Clearance

Preface by Michael Gold, MD,
Aerolase Medical Advisory Board Chair

In the world of acne, we have new devices allowing us to make people better as compared to just medicines alone. It is something we need to focus on. What we’re seeing with the Aerolase Neo Elite for acne clearance is not only are we able to clear active acne but we are able to resolve instances of acne-related redness and PIH – for all ages and skin types. This is something prescription medications alone cannot achieve. In fact, we’ve just finished up a multi-site, randomized, controlled study with the Neo Elite as monotherapy for acne and the results are spectacular. We are not changing the way we traditionally approach this disease state; we are simply modernizing our approach for everyone’s benefit by adding a new modality alongside existing therapies.

This is something healthcare professionals need to take note of. Why do we need new treatment methods for acne? Why do we need lasers for acne? Healthcare professionals are missing opportunities to make their patients better, make them happier, and prevent them from leaving to visit another clinic that will clear their problem. Plus, they’re missing a revenue opportunity with having patients spend money on prescriptions at the pharmacy. Furthermore, laser therapy involves simpler administrative aspects: collect cash or run a credit card without getting involved in coding, iPledge, antibiotic stewardship, etc.

The way I look at it in my practice is, once I make their acne better, guess what? They’re coming to me for their other medical conditions. I took care of their acne when others said, ‘here’s your prescription, goodbye’.”
After 4 Tx with Neo Elite 650-microsecond laser. Photos Courtesy of Kseniya Golubets, MD, David Goldberg, MD, Skin Laser and Surgery Specialists of NY & NJ.
After 12 Tx with Neo Elite 650-microsecond laser combined with low-dose isotretinoin as presented at ASLMS 2019. Photos courtesy of Michael Gold, MD, Dr. Manturova Natalia Evgenievna, Dr. Kruglova Larisa Sergeevna, and Dr.Ikonnikova Evgenia Vladimirovna.