Aerolase Era

Profound Rejuvenation

The Era represents a new revolution in ablative skin rejuvenation. The Era is a highly versatile resurfacing tool with an unmatched margin of safety allowing practitioners to artistically address their patient’s most-demanded anti-aging concerns. The Era emulates the efficacy of CO2 resurfacing and the precision of full-area erbium resurfacing with the minimal, if not lesser, downtime of fractional resurfacing – resulting in better patient outcomes in just a single treatment.

Excellence in Laser Skin Health

The Era’s 300-microsecond laser redefines the standard of ablative skin rejuvenation for the full range of medical aesthetic applications while opening up new treatment options for previously unmet needs within laser medicine.


Excellence in Aesthetic Medicine

Since 1996, Aerolase has been leading the clinical research and development for the advancement of medical aesthetic laser technology and its applications. Our corporate name and brands are derived from our patented LightPod laser technology, the air-cooled medical aesthetic laser. The LightPod Era provides new levels of clinical versatility, practical utility and cost-effectiveness. Aerolase has minimized mass, while maximizing performance and reliability. Like many categories of today’s consumer and medical electronics, Aerolase represents a new era in compact, cost-effective performance for all practitioners and aesthetic specialists.

Whether you run a thriving laser practice or are looking to get started with laser medicine, Aerolase lasers can help enhance your business. Learn how your practice and patients can benefit from Aerolase lasers by contacting us today.






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