Cristal Cryolipolysis

Freeze the Fat Away

The goal of cryolipolysis is a cristallisation of adipose cells. The innovative CRYSTAL CRYO works safely and efficiently, is non-invasive and requires no anesthesia.

The machines are engineered and manufactured in France, ensuring the highest European standards and complying with all medical device directives. The cryolipolysis is also a well-established treatment in the United States and is being studied extensively by leading scientists in dermatology and aesthetic medicine worldwide.

CRYSTAL CRYO is regarded as the standard in medical cryolipolysis equipment.


What makes it special?

Cristal Cryolipolysis is the first ever cryo-technology fat reduction in the country. It’s a popular nonsurgical alternative to body sculpting options like liposuction, that freezes and destroys fat cells.

How does it work?

Fat will be measured by thickness  and next step is the placement of cold-protection tissue and applicator to the treatment area.The procedure will then freeze, crystalize fat and flush them out of the body. Recommended for stubborn fatty areas.

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