Frozen C

Frozen C is a treatment device that sprays liquid CO2 with temperature of   -78° C on the treatment area to cool down its temperature rapidly, which applies great shock to cutaneous nerves receptor for treatment. It is a new way to  treat acnes with short treatment time with lower risk of possible infection during treatment, and also alleviate pain that comes with inflammatory acnes.


FROZEN C is a technological breakthrough. It safely delivers the COLDEST, concentrated cryogen (-78º Celsius). Unlike any other cryogenic system, FROZEN C delivers medically therapeutic levels of extreme cold, comfortably. Clinically proven to trigger the body’s instinctual responses to extreme cold, the Bohr’s Effect & Hunting Response, to produce outstanding reactions and effects desired from cryotherapy for decades.



The ultimate level of precision is achieved with the dual LED distance gauge, & Realtime Skin Temperature Monitoring with Safety Auto-Stop, eliminating the danger of cryogen overexposure of the skin (such as in cryogen dip procedures).


FROZEN C cryotherapy is a diverse asset to any practice. Treatment protocols include stand-alone sessions, & complementary enhancements to procedures like microneedling, injections, tattoo removal, Thermage, Hydrafacial, & other surgical procedures.

FROZEN C increases blood flow & causes a proliferation of available oxygen to revive tissues. It is exceptional for calming painful procedures (pre & post-op), reducing inflammation, redness, & bruising, shortening downtime, reducing the appearance of large pores, as well as smoothing skin tone & texture.

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