Keli Contactless Thermal Scanner

Keli Contactless Thermal Scanner is a temperature measuring kiosk and sterilizing machine adopting a high precision infrared temperature sensor and an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser.


Automatic Temperature Measurement

When entering the detection area, people bring their forehead close to the thermal scanner for 1-2 seconds. The results appear on the screen immediately. No need for manual temperature measuring which reduces the risk of contagious infection.



Auto-induction Sterilizer

When people put their hands into the bottom of the auto-induction sterilizer, it drops liquid disinfectant. People can leave the area after they are done with step two.


  • Adopts a high precision infrared temperature sensor. The sensing distance is 5 to 20 cm.
  • Measurement error ± 0.1 °C at room temperature. The initial temperature setting is 37.3 °C (adjustable).
  • When detection is in operation, it indicates the actual temperature of the person.
  • If human body temperature exceeds 37.3 °C, the machine will make an alert sound.
  • Easy machine installation. It’s recommended to choose the right room temperature. Do not exceed up to 30 degrees and below -10 degrees.
  • Please choose a level ground prior installing the machine to prevent it from tilting. The bottom must be fixed firmly.




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