V-STOP Air Shield


The Air Shield Sanitising Concentrate offers a trio of benefits: antibacterial protection, antiviral protection, and fragrant scent. formula is released into the air, creating a bubble of defence that kills all microbes and protects your loved ones. Free of phthalates, parabens, sulfates, and mineral oil, the formula is safe for children and pets.


V Stop Air shield is a concentrate for your home air diffuser humidifier. As part of V stop family it kills 99% of bacteria and viruses plus it’s relaxing scents in 6 different choices that will surely make you feel safe and comfortable.
• Dilution is 1:100



1,750/bottle of 250ml

Package Price
1-3 bot Air shield 250ml-1,750/bo

4-10bot Air shield 250ml-1,600/bot



Bloom, Forest Mint, Ginger Flower, Meadow Field, White tea