V-STOP Mass Guard

 7,900 75,000

Has a wide variety of applications, and is effective for cleaning heavily soiled or contaminated areas such as hospitals and research labs.


Our formula is proven to have a full spectrum of efficacy against bacteria, yeast, fungi, and enveloped viruses. At the same time, it’s non-toxic, contains no harsh fumes, and is safe for use around food and people at its correct dilution of 1:100.

Free of alcohol, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, and mineral oil.


Directions for use:

Remove all visible debris from surface to be cleaned. Dilute 1 part of Mass Guard Sanitising Concentrate to 100 parts of water, then pour the mixture into a bucket for mopping and wiping.

Alternatively, pour the diluted mixture into a Nebulo Europa Cold Fogger for fogging.