The best gift you can give your mom this Mother’s Day is Love and Protection.

It’s time to take a moment and appreciate just how wonderful our mothers truly are. We’ve come up with our exclusive promo bundle V STOP Air-diffuser + Air shield and get 1 free new coat 399.

V Stop atmosphere diffuser is an Automated air cleansing device that lets you breathe easy. It that can sterilise the surrounding air with two functions: continuous and sensor. In Sensor mode, placing your hands over the Airmosphere will trigger the diffusion. When used  with Air Shield concentrate, this effectively and gently sanitizes the air with relaxing scents that mothers Will surely love.  Our mother will always assure her loved ones even in her absence. A perfect combination to sanitizing the air is to have an effective and long lasting protection at home and and in the office. New Coat Sanitising Spray not only sanitises by killing the microbes, but also forms a coating that inhibits he growth of bacteria, yeast, fungi, and viruses that lasts up to 3 months. This coating acts as a barrier, preventing microbes from attaching to the surface.