Your Ultimate Summer Checklist

Summer is officially here! With this season comes excitement around getting new swimsuits and figuring out where your big summer vacay is going to happen. But here are a few things you need to get checked before you head out into the sun.


One of the most nerve-racking things about summer is worrying about pesky stray hairs turning up here, there and, well, everywhere. Why not just get rid of body hair permanently through laser hair removal? Lasers blast off the hair follicles to weaken it and stop hair growth and does not result to ingrown hair and darkening. Check out The Aivee Clinic’s Summer promo.


Never take your skin for granted. You’ll surely be showing lots of skin this season and there’s nothing more dreadful than skin that looks as dry as the weather. Make sure to exfoliate to achieve clear and smooth skin all over. Opt for gentle body scrubs that will take away dead skin cells. Aivee Clinic Fort offers a variety of body scrubs.

Also, did someone say bare-faced summer? Heat causes you to sweat more and make your made-up face look cake-y, and we’re sure nobody wants a cake-y face for summer (or ever!). This is where proper skin care comes in. When your skin is properly taken care of, you can definitely say bye-bye to melted make-up and cake-y face this summer. Our top pick: Madonna Oxylight Facial. Dubbed as “a total workout for the face,” it uses a unique combination of LED technology with the revolutionary power of BIOSONIX ULTRASOUND and MYOLIGHT MICROCURRENT and a fragrant, relaxing sapphire infusion to achieve healthy and refreshed skin in an hour.


They say a summer body is made in the winter. It is very important that we eat healthy and maintain regular workouts all year to achieve the bikini bod we want. But sometimes, the weather warms up really soon and even our high gear workouts, healthy smoothies and greens are not quite cutting it. The Aivee Group is launching the first ever cryo-technology fat reduction treatment in the country. Cristal Cryolipolysis freezes and crystallizes fats and flushes them out of the body. It can remove up to 30% of fat in one session and is highly recommended for stubborn fatty areas.

Aivee Group also offers a variety of body treatments and diet delivery service (Dr. Food) to help you prepare for the swimsuit season. Aivee Group also offers a variety of body treatments and diet delivery service (Dr. Food) to help you prepare for the swimsuit season. Mond Gutierrez swears by Velashape, Powershape, and Venus Freeze in helping him achieve his #AiveeSummerBody.


As the temperature goes up, so does the risk for dehydration, so make sure to toss a bottle of water into your beach bag. It’s wise to invest in a hydrogen generating device to boost and upgrade your hydration. Research shows the power of hydrogen-rich water can enhance how bodies feel and function. Speeding straight into cells, hydrogen molecules help neutralize free radicals, act as antioxidant, soothe soreness, and amp energy. Aivee Water is a top-tier portable hydrogen generating bottle that is easy to carry and can produce up to 1000 parts per billion of hydrogen molecules. Get yours now at P15,000. You may place your order at Aivee Water or buy from any Aivee Clinic branch near you.


Doctor’s orders: never forget your sunscreen. With summer season comes high temperature and heat so you need to double up on sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays that can damage your skin.